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A social work research to measure the effect of joblessness

Faezeh Taghipoura, Gholamreza Tajbakhshb, Allahyar Arabmomenic and Mohammad Reza Iravanid*


Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Management Khorasgan (Isfahan) Department, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran Assistant Professor of Sociology Grand Ayatollah Boroujerd, Iran Section of Human being Science of Islamic Azad University Khomeinishahr Branch, Isfahan, Iran deb

Assistant Mentor, Department of Social Function, Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr, Khomeinishahr Branch, Daneshjou Blvd, Iran b



Article history:

Received March twenty-five, 2012

Received in revised format

twenty-five September 2012

Accepted four October 2012

Available online

Oct 7 2012



Drug habit



Unemployment is usually believed as among most important concerns in today's economic system around the world. The recent economical turmoil in European countries, for instance, has created a lot of troubles such as increase in level of major depression, divorce, etc . In this paper, we present a cultural study work in one of regions of Iran. The proposed study of this conventional paper designs and distributes a questionnaire among 80 specialists who live in the region and tries to figure out whether there is a correlation between unemployment and rubbery, migration, drug habit and non-value jobs. The survey uses Pearson relationship to test 4 hypotheses as well as the results suggest that while there is no strong correlation between unemployment and rubbery and immigration yet there is a good evidence to trust that unemployment can maximize drug habit and non-value added jobs.

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These days, there is certainly growing problems among distinct North American, Western and other countries about the consequences of the effects of unemployment in their societies. In fact , when people drop their careers, they may encounter many problems such as family members conflict, medication addiction, unnecessary immigration, and so forth During the past number of years, there have been involvement in learning even more about the result of unemployment on different social elements. Congregado ou al. (2011) explained that Spain continues to be destroying more jobs than any other European country recently and in 2012 the rate reached to about 24%. The exponential regarding the Spanish unemployment price was the function of dropping employment costs.

Lundin ain al. (2012) discussed on various research on a greater risk of suicide among the unemployed, where some people may be more prone to both equally unemployment and suicide as a result of healthrelated element. In these kinds of case, committing suicide among the unemployed could be a result of health-related * Related author. Tel: +989130758065

Email addresses: [email protected] ac. irgi (M. 3rd there’s r. Iravani)

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doi: 10. 5267/j. msl. 2012. 10. 013


assortment. Lundin ain al. (2012) investigated the relationship between unemployment and committing suicide, and the importance of other sickness absence for this relationship. In accordance to their survey, higher degrees of sickness lack were connected with an increased risk of subsequent joblessness. The higher prevalence of sickness absence among the list of unemployed attenuated the relationship among unemployment and suicide in both women and men.

Noh (2009) performed an investigation upon whether the marriage between lack of employment rates and suicide prices vary based on the level of actual per capita gross household product (GDP). They applied the cross country panel fixed influences model to rule out cross-sectional versions but make use of timeseries kinds. They reported that bigger income was related to higher suicide prices. In other words, all their results confirmed that the intended impact of unemployment...

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