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Journal of Eye Motion Research

5(2): 1, 1-8

Vergence monitoring:

a tool to evaluate oculomotor overall performance

in stereoscopic displays

Pascaline Neveu

IRBA, France









IRBA, France

IRBA, France

Puits ParisTech, France

IRBA, England

Oculomotor conflict induced between accommodative and vergence elements in stereoscopic displays signifies an abnormal viewing condition. There is now a few evidence that stereoscopic browsing may stimulate discomfort and changes in oculomotor parameters. The present study searched for to assess oculomotor efficiency during stereoscopic viewing. Using a 3D audio system setup and an eye-tracker, vergence reactions were measured during 20-min exposure to a virtual aesthetic target varying in depth, which usually participants needed to track. The results showed a significant fall in the extravagance of the complex oscillatory vergence response with time. We suggest that eye-tracking offers a useful tool to objectively measure the timevarying modifications of the vergence system when you use stereoscopic exhibits. Keywords: Eye-tracking, repetition of eye movements, stereoscopic displays, vergence, visual fatigue

give depth understanding with a stereoscopic device, the

vergence demand must sit closer to, or perhaps farther than, the

photo display (depending on the location of the fixated

object), while the holiday accommodation demand remains fixed

for the image screen so that an obvious view of the virtual

scene can be obtained. Many studies have demonstrated

changes in oculomotor replies after exposition to

stereoscopic displays (Eadie, et approach., 2000; Emoto, Nojiri,

& Okano, 2005; Hoffman, ou al., 2008; Sharples, Cobb,

Moody, & Wilson, 2008; Ukai & Howarth, 2008). The

oculomotor alteration can be traditionally scored via comparison of oculomotor parameters measured after and before the stereoscopic viewing. Nevertheless , these

oculomotor alterations probably result from a consistent

phenomenon. As far as we known, the objective period

course of this phenomenon will not be examined in

detail. My old study simply by Shibata ou al. (2011) assessed

time course of the discomfort skilled by viewers

exposed to several stereoscopic-viewing circumstances.

However , this kind of assessment was limited to subjective

symptoms. A lot of studies suggest that individual variations (interocular range, zone of comfort…) may possibly affect the convenience during stereoscopic viewing

(Lambooij, Ijsselsteijn, & Heynderickx, 3 years ago; Shibata, ou


Stereoscopic displays are being used increasingly in cinema,

television set, and video-game industries, amongst others. A

peculiarity of these displays is that they produce a mismatch among accommodation and vergence (Akeley, Watt, Girshick, & Banking companies, 2004; Eadie, Gray, Carlin, &

Mon-Williams, 2000; Hoffman, Girshick, Akeley, &

Banks, 2008; Howarth, 2011; Ellie, Shibata, Hoffman, &

Financial institutions, 2011; Peli, 1995; Rushton & Riddell, 1999; Ukai

& Howarth, 2008; Wann, Rushton, & Mon-Williams,

1995; Yang & Sheedy, 2011). Under normal viewing

conditions, accommodation and vergence are coupled in

order to preserve clarity and singleness from the fixated

object (Fincham & Walton, 1957; Morgan, 1944a). The

mismatch between lodging and vergence in

stereoscopic displays compares to an not naturally made viewing condition. The impact with this mismatch on the oculomotor system is not very well understood. The accommodative-vergence discord is which is part of all

tactics used for creating an manufactured impression of

depth in stereoscopic exhibits (Hoffman, ou al., 2008). To


Journal of Eye Activity Research

5(2): 1, 1-8

Neveu, P., Philippe, Meters., Priot, A. E., Fuchs, P., Roumes, C. (2012) Vergence traffic monitoring: a tool to assess oculomotor functionality in stereoscopic displays

approach., 2011). Even so, individual abilities to manage

the oculomotor demand during stereoscopic viewing

stay unclear.

• Monocular visual acuity...

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